Visiba Care Fhir Implementation Guide
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Visiba Care Fhir Implementation Guide

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Draft as of 2023-03-02 Computable Name: VisibaCareFhirImplementationGuide


Visiba Care Embassy Api adheres to the FHIR specification. This guide will provide information about Visiba Care specific FHIR definitions, such as extensions and profiles. For more information regarding Embassy Api, please read the Developer Guide.

Technical Overview

To be able to post data to the Visiba Care Embassy Api a client needs to structure the objects according to FHIR. FHIR is a very extensive framework and supports the author with the possabillity to set rules on the structure of the objects. The rules can cover a lot of scenarios, including limiting or extending an object. An example could be that a patient profile might need at least one, but not more than two addresses. Those rules are all covered in our Visiba Care Specific Structure Definitions.

The main sections of this implementation guide are:

  • Artifact Index - A list of all Visiva Care specific Structure Definitions.
  • Background - provides business context for the implementation guide and information that implementers should be familiar with before reading the remainder of the Implementation Guide.
  • Downloads - Allows downloading a copy of this implementation guide and other useful information.